tired! exhausted!

to be honest, i didnt know how come i was so busy today.

from work. well, of course we were lack of 2 members today in the afternoon section. (VERY BAD)
i ended up reaching home only by 9.20p.m. and had dinner around 10p.m. (dies, fat douz)
then, after that, wailing told me that the STUPIAK timetable for my course selection changed! (in my heart, SHIT!!!!! how can? i just made plans, and i'm working part time as well. lol T.T)
oh well, and to make things worst, tomorrow i had to go UCSI to make my changes in course selection, there's a subject i cant take, the lecture is in the evening or night. very very tiring.. so i'm giving up on that. taking it the next sem.

and now is already 12.15a.m.
i don't even know why it turned out like that.and, there's nothing much to update about SS501 either nowadays.. well, GAYO is coming up! (anticipates)

till then, cheers!
tmorrow going TS!


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