Pavilion in 4 days a week due to Holiday

went Pavilion AGAIN.. it seems that this week is Pavilion week. i went there 4 times already this week. LOL.
Bought Sketchers! =) (i wanted to get myself the Shape Up, but the price over-ed my budget to about, decide to buy it later. after Chinese New Year. with my angpao money..

bought another 1, feather light. (nice!, white, but easily get dirty, so will wear with care)

then... hehehe, Andrea: I'm waiting for your BOMB, bila nak datang???? lol.

school is starting soon, and i'm already on the verge of getting my PTPTN done!
hopefully they will approve and send me my money asap.
University is going to filled with new intakes! so fast already become half senior already. LOL. after 3 months of studies. Hope this time grades will Improve and remain as A's la..
and i still havent see my Business Communication grades yet?? arent they sending the marks to my house already? why i cant i see it sooner man!!! the online, Nadine didnt post! T.T

oh well, took more pictures with cousins will be posted up soon. till then! cheers! =)


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