[news] Lee Min Ho in Singapore fanmeeting

as if the fact the SS501 is not coming to Malaysia is not a BIIIGGGG tremendous news on me.
and now i have news saying that Lee Min Ho is went to Singapore AGAIN!
i missed Jay Chou on 21st... Lee Min Ho on the same day.. and gotten a big terrible news on 20th..
STUPIAK!~ bangang! =(

oh well, at least i gotten the fancam for Lee Min Ho. and Jay Chou is still nowhere to be found.

credits to allkpop.com

Boys Over Flowers heartthrob Lee Minho held a spontaneous fanmeeting in Singapore!

This event was held on the 21st at the Max Pavilion and marks his second visit to the country. It has been expressed that Lee Minho returned to Singapore for this fanmeeting because of his love and respect for his Asian fans.

A representative stated, "Lee Minho is very popular in Singapore." In fact, all 2,000 tickets for his fanmeeting were sold out!

The rep continued, "The Singapore fans kept requesting a fanmeeting so we followed through. We held this fanmeeting in return for all of the love that fans have given Lee Minho."

And according to attendees, the fanmeeting was definitely worth the money - Lee Minho even performed a few songs, including a Christmas tune with fans!

credits to atiqahjkjk


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