KyuJong Set I Piano Sheet and anime reviews and food fair!

went to PWTC for some food fair today. dad's exhibition booth was located there, so mum, sis and I went there for FOOD! =)

well, i wouldnt say the food there was cheap although its a food fair. cause every POLYSTYRENE bowl cost about RM 5 to RM10 and shoot up till RM15. so.. u do the judging.

coincidently there's Nanyang Education Fair at PWTC, so went there for survey (sis's turn to have the headache)
and some fella, kinda brainwashed me to enter Business Management/Finance/ Admin instead of Marketing. BLAH!@~!@#%$$%

other than that. ANIME week was NICE as well!!!~

Seiken no Blacksmith ended... (not very nice ending)
ShugoChara is getting boring now..
Bleach is OMG (nothing to comment about... GOOODDDD)
Kimi No Todoke.. as always funny and left me speechless.
Seitokai no Ichizon, i hope they explain about Ken more.. and i want to know who he likes.
Darker than Black is on its climax!!!!~
Umineko No Naku.. twisted!~ very very twisted!!~

other than that.. to those who love KyuJong's Set I piano sheet!!!~  i got!!!~
PM me or put it on tagboard with your email. =)

and. SS501 is back from Japan! pictures are all in =)


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