Jay Chou in Pavillion KL 21.12.09

okay, i got some finally from jay's forum..

credits to uploader and as tagged.. 

i received emails asking me why do i have such HUGE difference in idols..
for those who follow me thorough enough will know that i like Jay Chou and SS501 and Anime and, well, some Kpop too! =) (ukiss mblaq etc..)

oh well! I cant deny that Jay Chou is 1 legendary man that no matter how he look. he creates the best chinese songs. trust me, even if he went on hibernation over 5 years or so (TOUCH WOOD), when he returns, i would still like him.. magnetized!~

as for. SS501. NO ELABORATION needed. i even created a blog just for them. i'm a devoted fan! so SS501 you guys are going to regret for not coming to Malaysia! (make sure u come the next time!!!!~ BLOODY DSP! *evil aura, emmited similar to Skip Beat!* )

Anime???? u do the judging, i cant live without them.. 1 day at least 2 episode. meaning 1 hour..see la, how la my life all about entertainment. WANT TO GO FOR MEDIA meh??? duun make me confuse la!~

okay, i'm so tired right now. i need to sleep. oyasumi nasai!~


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