went to Jusco and changes clothes that i bought. some couldnt fit and not the right size. and some the darn promoter mixed up.. well, the crowd definitely subsided! HAHAHAHAHA

okay, i got flavour twist just now. understand the HIGH-ness.

got to work tomorrow again. (DROPS DEAD) thank god i'll always have tuesdays's and thursdays and sundays off. if not, i 'll pengsan.

well, today was exceptionally normal. except that my house now are filled with JUNK FOOD! my dad had an exhibition in some carnival, so he went there. and bought back SOOO MANY JUNKS!!!!

trust me, when my dad buys junk. its like the sun sets on the east... LOL!!!~

my camera is still on pending. i can only take it next week. darn olmypus

i want to get myself a swimming suit!!!!!!!! aizh


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