A Christmas Getaway to Hilton KL 24.12.09

well. dad booked a room in Hilton Kuala Lumpur last month for Christmas Getaway..
so yesterday, was awesome!
well, the room were huge although its only innovation (aka, normal) the toilet were OMG!!! its a sliding door toilet which, okay, the picture explains everything!

other than that, the minibar.. the price shoots up like crazy. M&M cost RM16?? erm.. i can get it for RM5. LOL

other than that, it was okay!!~ swimming pool and jacuzzi was NICE!~ =)
did didnt went swimming with me. she got STUPID timing. and so, left me and mum!

if you realise, the dinner was NOT at Hilton. since they have VERY expensive rates of food. and we cant use our voucher so dad said next time.. we ate at Madam Kwan's. =)

well nonetheless, Hilton KL is 1 nice place to stay at!` =)


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