well.. after being holiday for approximately 3 weeks??? or 2 weeks?

okay, i couldnt remember how long i've been holiday. well. its was as normal as possible.
quite boring and being all lazy to do anything at all. best is when i updating my blogs and checking for more new news.

now there's a benjol in my mouth. T.T
i want to drink something. wanna yumchar!!1
WOOOII people! faster finish up your STPM and A2 and FINALS i wanna yumchar~
and.. i'm wondering hows mummy (CK) preparing for Aussie!

to mummy:

hey! hows all preparation??? going to aussie!! make sure u online and hope u dun get jetlagged though. heheheheheheehheeh
make sure u update your FB and msn! so i can chat with u when u reach there.
of course settle yourself 1st.

btw, u wont mind if i ask for souvenier rite???? *okay, that is when u coming back. I'll make u buy something for me! =D preferably chocolate? hmmm.. something more special. LIKE recipies.. i want to get VANILLA! so i dun need to buy vanilla essense. and thyme... damn expensive in malaysia. i want to plant it here! u think can ar? :O hahahaha.

okay, i'm such a crappy fella. and its in the middle of the night sommore. dun think i'm crazy!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! mummy! take many many pictures. go get yourself a darn good camera okay? u'll miss me!


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