updates on SS501 + other korean artists

as usual.. =3 to be updated!

[video] Kim HyungJoon singing Baby, baby is Chocolate
[photos] Kim KyuJong in Workers Cultural Ceremony 29.10.09
[video] Kim KyuJong and JungMin in MBC 2AM date
[photos] Kim Kyu Jong in Chocolate [08.11.09] *heavy*
[photos+gif] Heo YoungSaeng in Chocolate [08.11.09] *heavy*
[news] SS501 5 person with 5 different personalities [new]

[photos] Kim HyunJoong in KJPOP interview 
[video] [engsubbed] Kim Kyu Jong's Set I episode 10 [new]

[news] SS501 HyungJoon brother, Ki Bum from U-Kiss say thankyou [new]

[news]2PM has gays all over them [new]

[video] 2PM new CF Market O real Brownies revealed [new] 
[video] 2PM reveal dance practice moments [new] 

[news] U-Kiss Ki Bum thank brother HyungJoon, SS501 [new] *co-related to SS501 news*


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