UPDATES on SS501 in SHANGHAI + other korean artist

hehe, i'm exceptionally happy today =)
ps: MUSIC CORE IS JUST NOW. and guess what! i manage to watch.. till half way it decides to LAG!!!!  *pissed* (thank god for Uploaders =) happy again)

PS: DOUBLE S oh gong il.. do your best in SHANGHAI CONCERT TODAY!!! =) *saranghaeyo*

[message] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong left message in DSP website [new] *hot*

[message]SS501 Kim HyungJoon left message in DSP website [new]*hot*
[photos][fancam]SS501 Shanghai Concert Stage and during rehearsal [new]
[video+news] SS501 Exclusive Interview with SOHU [new]
[photos]SS501 in SBS Power Time Visual Radio [new]
[photos]SS501 Kim HyunJoong and Heo Young Saeng in Visit Korea Ceremony [new]
[photos] SS501 upon reaching Pudong Airport Shanghai 12.11.09 [new]
[photos]SS501 in Star King 14.11.09 [new]*hot* patience is virtue. =)
[photos+translation]SS501 featured in Color Magazine [new]
[photos]SS501 in Star Golden Bell 14.11.09 [new] *hot HEAVY picture*
[photos]SS501 Kim HyungJoon Star Golden Bell 14.11.09 [new] *hot HEAVY picture*
[video]SS501 in Star Golden Bell 14.11.07 [new] HOT

[news] WILD BUNNY producer message about Jaebeom [new]
[video] 2PM comeback stage in Music Core 14.11.09 [new] *hot*
[photo][rumour] ex 2PM Jaebeom spotted in Korea Airport [new]

[news] KARA looking good with Lee Junki [new]
[news+photos] KARA signs on Crown Bakery [new] *hot*

[video] RAINBOW DEBUTS IN MUSIC CORE 14.11.09 [new] *hot*

[video] U-Kiss finally make their comeback in Music Core 14.11.09 [new] *hot*

[videos] Brown Eyed Girls performed 'Sign' in Music Core 14.11.09 [new] *hot*

and more to come.


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