Updates for 08.11.2009 for SS501 + various Korean singers

these are actually the updates that i uploaded daily/hourly in jooyingobsessions. i lined it up here for you guys to easily check out the news and pick your favourites to read. =D

Brown Eyed Girls
[video] brown eyed girls performed 'Sign' in Music Core

[videos] SS501 in Chocolate
[videos] SS501 in Champagne Part 1 to Part 6 available 
[videos] SS501 in Chocolate ALL PARTS[ENGSUBBED] [new]
[video]SS501 at MTV The 'M' 08.11.2009
[info] SS501 Thank You Message in Rebirth
[videos] SS501 in Sixth Sense 08.11.09
[videos] SS501 Un-Aired Version of Chocolate [new]
[photos] SS501 in Champagne (screencaps)[peace501] [new] * warning*heavy
[photos] SS501 in Quiz! Six Sense (Screencaps)[peace501] [new] *warning*heavy
[photos] Kim Kyu Jong in Chocolate [new]
[video] Kim HyungJoon in MTV The M during MC talking [new] 
[video] Kim HyunJoon singing baby,baby in Chocolate [new]

[news] Hottest tells JYP that he's the 1 getting tired of waiting
[news] 080300 Jaebeom's diary entry on 'Hot Blood'
[news] 2PM going to Inkigayo! next week [new]

[news] U-Kiss is famous in Thailand?
[video+news] U-Kiss to perform in Inkigayo! [08.1.09] [new]


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