todays updates on SS501 news + other korean artist

its going to be filled SS501 week...... =) *HAPPY, my final week of updating my obsession blogs in the morning. (oh gawds, thank god that all music shows are on fridays and weekends in the evening, if not i'm going to faint uploading it)

well, today there's aint much of news

[news] SS501 full details in Bangkok Persona Concert
[videos] SS501 in Star Golden Bell (part 4/7)
[photos] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong in Visit Korea Ceremony (hestory)
[news] SS501 Kim HyunJoong and Jeong Yong Hwa increase viewers of Sunday Night
[videos] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong Set I Episode 15
[photos] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong in 5 year 5 men MBC Collection
[photos] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong and Kim HyunJoong in Happy Together

[news] RAINBOW down to earth attitudes

[news] KARA talk about hardship being and IDOL STAR

[news] 2PM Nickhun to Star in a movie


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