today... hrm.. what shall i post about... lol...lifeless enough.
weather nowadays are really a pain.. is either its too hot or it rained the whole day. sungguh membosankan(boring).

i think this time around.. cause my stomach felt very very uncomfortable since yesterday...T.T
oh well. i took nap today in the afternoon which is rare, cause i was too hungry. (nothing to eat at home)

my internet connection was super annoying, sampai i nearly killed my dad's laptop and smack spoil my desktop. bangang. sommore, today was all picture heavy posts. and video heavy too.
practically, if i dun hide it the post if gonna be SOOOOO long. and loading it will take 300000x years. lol.(okay, i exxagerating)

i'm bored. but i dun want to sleep 1st. *stubborn human* LOL. cheers!`

ps: i miss my slightly NON-plummy face.. i need to reduce on fruit intake..


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