talks about yesterday and jooying's day

yesterday night was hella a day for me.
there's Music Core, Star King and MAMA going.. almost at the same time.
i was even frustrated that i cant load MAMA ad Music Core due to my unstable and pitiful connection (its normal, but still too slow for TV streaming)

i'll try again today. for Inkigayo!
*remember to catch when its time k?? approx 5 something u will see almost all videos posted up! =)

and there's sooo many photos of MBC's Collection posted by TW TripleS-ers. =)
cant wait!!!!~

i'm slowly turning my arrows to MBLAQ!~~~...*dies*?? hehehe oh well. i bet lots of MBLAQ-ers will know where to find their news.

nothing much alraedy??? btw, i'm learning how to play Only One Love?? *Haruman* on my piano (with help of YT-ers, my left hand still a little bit off chords T.T ).. Love like this, doesnt suit piano. i played it, but it doesnt sound nice... and Green Peas...(hehehehe, going to learn that soon) piano is fun.. for gree peas. (i've tried on the guitar, simple strums and tabs)*mind you, i didnt learn guitar, simply find note only.*

for those who are missing me, I'm FINE!! but i want to watch Christmas Carol. anyone???? who is free man! i'm free till nov onli. means.. less than 10days time. T.T
dec also free.. but, its tuesday and thursday only. working half day on sat as well. so... sis having SPM, so might not get the car when we wanna hang out.

ps: my results are popping out soon! my brother's out already! OMG!!~


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