rotting at home no??

i was suppose to work starting December. and my dad found out i'm holiday-ing now(november) and he go ask for a job for me,again. (at the law firm again)

honestly, i dunno whether i should work or not, cause its only 1 month and i was hoping to get a freelancer's job where we only need to work when i felt like working and the pay is much much higher per day. BUT during this november period, i wouldnt mind not working, cause dec i'm working and so in my rest of jan---- to who knows when, and my internship is next year, which means i got no more holiday already.

i'm not saying that i want to rest now and relax. its just that i want a more flexible job for me, and a more suiting 1. its not that i dun want to work at the law firm. its just.. a 9 to 5 job.. *oh well, those who knows me/reads my blog often enough should know what i meant*.

argh! blah, see la. tonight. see how it goes.


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