well, i hate my connection. these days its been hell. i cant load AN HOUR of VIDEO in YT at all. apatah lagi my GONG SAM KAI!! wanna die already.

stupid slow connection and i dun even know why!!! i think i need to call streamyx and start butchering them.

oh well, kpop news bee slow with SS501 KARA RAINBOW UKISS and 2PM.

i am waiting for music bank, inkigayo, and music core to air this weekends. hehehehe, SS501 is going to appear.

my computer crash also every month. i hate it. so bangang. and my dad's laptop is SLLLLOOOWWW. the RAM inside is slow is it? aiz. why la buy such laptop man!!! stupid DELL.

well, maybe tomorrow can use my brother's desktop already. since i think my mum gonna ask bro to let me use. since my desktop is BANGANG. power supply... oh power supply

and to all TRIPLESers, theres been rumours that SS501 is coming on 30th JAN! so.. lets get ourselves prepared for it and. if u happen to have any suggestions please go to our forum. http://www.eng.triplesmy.com/ to let us know. thanks!~


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