Ouran High School Host Club chapter 76

possible spoiler for Ouran High School Host Club ahead

i've got so many things to say about today. in here. i was more real today in comparison to other days. maybe cause my computer broke down and my connections were bad. oh well. it doesnt matter anymore.

I SERIOUSLY hate TAMAKI's dad now. T.T trust me, i'm on the verge GOING into the manga itself and give TAMAKI's dad a good scolding. and.... whats wrong with the whold SUUO FAMILY??????? whats so great about entering the main household and why that OLD LADY STILL WANT TO TAKE AUTHORITY. god! i'm seriously pissed with the manga plot(this month's release) T.T

i hope Haruhi can just dump tamaki and go overseas. come back with good results and live a simple life. Haruhi deserve it!!!!!

(okay, i'm going over the top already)
sorry, i didnt want to spoil your day enjoying that manga.. hehehehe sorry!~ )


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