less than 24 hours, and mummy is leaving to Aussie Gold Coast.

i had outing with andrea and ashley and andreanna or andreana? (okay, cant spell it right, DUN KILLME) and Michelle, and CK, of course! and + + friends.??? okay, tak kenal.

started day with Carls Jr. (trust me, next time i'm just going to eat that burger and someone will eat the fries for me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. very filling, even when we walked and talked and LAUGHED so hard,i was still full after i reach home.. and its about time for dinner (SHOOT!)

we walked, searched for michelle's dress.. laughed, picture-d, then go crazy.. leg sakit, sat down for gelato... then, sakit feet!!!!!!.... trust me, it hurts!!!~
but the ironic part was this..

michelle and CK who are the 2 wearing SHOES are complaining more, than me and andrea who are wearing heels that are 3 inch and more! TRUST ME!!!!!! hahahahaha..

and i need to download skype! (fast!) kinLim, i'm coming to hunt you!

the pictures are not up yet, cause now is 11.21p.m and my lights are off, and my sis is sleeping and... i'm lazy. LOL.

u know why am i soooo free today? cause there's no SS501 news, YET. its going to come after 12a.m. i know.... HyunJoong face is going to mem-banjiri my obsession blog soon...

meanwhile, today, i had really fun day! i miss talking to mummy already. MUMMY!! i miss you!! dun go!!!! OMG, i am afraid that i'm going to tear up when i call u 2mrw! OMG!! (MUM!!!!!! dun go!!! IKANAIDE!!!!) okay, i guess u wont understand what that means. so i'm going to provide this. and you search k? (しないでください 行く)[even, i myself dun understand why is the word so long.. and the pronunciation for that is so short] LOL.


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