jooying translates??

realise the self indulgence. i kept on posting jooying blah blah blah on my title. LOL.
i'm weird.


i did a translation today. OUTTA THE BLUE! i guess inspiration/determination strikes on??
oh well,it was pretty hectic cause i had to search like bazillion of translation website and make sure i get those translation accurately. i got 0% of hangul/korean writing knowledge. so i mainly just do the shoot-and tembak and hope i got it right kinda thing.
sometimes the translation are crazy where the sentence dun make any sense at all. and all i can do it just read it weirdly and search for another website and translates it and read and translate. i even tried using korean translated to jap and then to english/ korean to chinese to eng. well. it was about a 2 hours thing to translate a short message.

okay, not going to elaborate on it any longer.i'm just happy that i translated it and its done =) hehehe.

i posted it in my blog and also tsmyeng's forum.

please ignore the broken english or watever grammar mistake. after 2 hours of translating, my brain went on a standstill. LOL.

hehehe!!!~ i'm proud of myself today. will consider doing it when there's more translating stuff where its simple enough for me to handle. =)


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