i dunno about this, i'm starting to like this segment. (okay, now its called segment)

well! today is wednesday!!!

BLEACH DAY! *thanks michl for reminding*

today's episode was breathtaking as always. ZARAKI and BYAKUYA! cant wait to see who's gonna win the fight. and soifon and yoruichi! *mich, not lesbian okay! soifon admire yoruichi*
there's quite funny!!!!! where korochichi's zanpaktou (forgotten name) said 'bankai' SO CUTE!!!

well, other than that! i also watched hanasakeru seishounen.. TOTALLY suspense moment! i even watched the episode 28 (RAW) without sub. and surprising enough i totally understand it! (ps: my jap improved again) =)

today's morning wasnt nice. mum was being annoying. then go dragged to morning market (t.t)
after that, was okay la!

SS501 made me happy after 2PM made me a little sad. then rainbow was here after the rain and shine! =) see!!!!! it rhymes.

i want to WATCH 2012!! who wanna teman me??? friday/thursday? whichever day!!!
and NEW MOON! and Sherlock Holmes (my idol) *after, Detective Conan* and.... definitely NINJA ASSASIN!! (who can miss it???)


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