hey, i'm getting A "OMG hot" and "why so gay" feeling together. doesnt sync

i almost went crazy after i saw a bunch of pictures that relatively look a little bit gay.. but at the same time, i was like. OMG!

i have mixed feelings now.hahahahahhahahahaha.. trust me.. really!!!!!!~
 i show 1 of the picture and u make a judge on it. hhehehe..

well, what u think?? hehehehe, trust me i had hard times adjusting my heart and soul....if you guys want to see the rest of the picture.. go to www.jooyingobsessions.blogspot.com =)

on another note, today, had dinner with grandpa.. and.. the fish was awful. T.T .
it was really bad. i cant take it. and now its 11.47p.m. and yet, i still felt very filling. bad fish.. not nice!!! i felt like vomiting after eating it.  

and, other than that, nothing much happen.. brother's birthday is arriving soon.. dunno what to get for him..*thinks hard*


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