hectic day on tuesday

its this time again, if u guys realise that i post up a note of my day around midnight everytime. =)
1 post a day. =) *the fear of my obsession blog surpassing my blog post* (obsession blog reached 400++ and this blog is 800+ only)

went to ALOT of places. well not alot but i made LOTS of turns.

1st went to find a photostat shop for my grandpa's tenancy agreement,couldnt find parking, so made like 3 turns to find a friggin DOUBLE PARK-ing to photostat.

then, went to Lembaga Hasil near MPAJ to get the stamping (not knowing that its NOT AVAILABLE anymore). PARKED and stupid parking charged me RM3 for nothing.
I basically went in the building and came out in less than 10 minutes.

Then drove all the way to PGRM, i couldnt find the Lembaga Hasil again, cause i thought its AROUND PGRM not INSIDE PGRM. in the end, i decided to just PARK somewhere near PGRM and WALKED about 2KM.
asked a PEGAWAI there, showed me the bloddy wrong direction. MADE ME WALKED another 2KM.. then, i finally resort to ask the guard in PGRM. they said this.

guard: Lembaga Hasil? tingkat 8.
jooying: dalam PGRM?
guard: yala. mana lagi

i TELL YOU, i called my bro and he gave me the wrong direction. *bloody fool* made me round around PGRM for about 30 minutes.

then, walked up there to do the stamping and all the documents done. FINALLY i can go home. about 2 and half hours. (lembaga hasil is packed with humans)

today was a normal day for me. News and photos are not exactly fully packed. Kyujong's Set I episode 11 is a BONUS! =) and i'm still waiting for peace501 to show us the screencaps! =)
tomorrow will be another hectic day though.

btw, i just watched entertainment relay and 100% entertainment. =)
BOTH HAVE SS501 IN IT! 100% entertainment mentioned about their Japan Concert CD and
Entertainment relay fro KBS world is filled with them. the 1 where HyunJoong ask for BB cream was CLASSIC. and I SAW baby, HyungJoon's mistaken finger CLEARLY on the tv screen! =D. magnae dun worry! we wont punish you. cause you're too adorable. (i love midnight between tuesday and wenesday)

cause TODAY IS wednesday, there'll be MANY MANY MANY ANIME COMING OUT and also BLEACH! man! i'm going on a anime drill again!


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