happy? can buy album

trust me, i got my nuffnang cheque!!!~
can buy album with the money already! =)
dun need to ask me what album. LOL.

btw, nowadays there's so many new news about SS501, UKISS, 2PM.. i can barely catch up.

and, there's so many nice movie!!!
the cartoons!- the movie the food?? I WANT TO WATCH THAT!

then...2012, newmoon, avatar, (the canto show, Fung Wan), ninja assasin, poker king,the princess and the frog,etc... LOL

and, animes!~ how can miss that
i think i'm like crazy already.

kimi ni todoke, bleach, hagane no renkinjutsuji, seiken no blacksmith, hanasakeru seishhounen, seitokai no ichizon,umineko no naku koro ni, yumeiro pattisiere, etc.. i cant even believe i can memorise all the names. LOL.

and 1 more, HK drama.. beyond the realm on conscience. (Gung Sam Kai)

see la, i crazy kan? 1 day where can finish all??

sommore got manga to read..
bleach, DGrayman,Fairy Tail,He's Dedicated to roses, Boarding House of Hunks, Skip Beat, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club,etc....

and i have to update SS501 stuff in obsession blog....

i'm a bz gurl! hahahahaha


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