cyber maniac with possessive thoughts.

aihz. something really bad seem to happen on the world of cyber. seriously. MAN! whats wrong with everyone.

i mean,arent we suppose to spread the words? instead of creating more chaos??? whats wrong with sharing? and those who cant seem to find the place to wanna express to the whole world that you are contributing, should just go and keep it to yourself. don't need to tell the whole world that there's people doing this and that on your/his/her/whoever's website right? am i right???

i'm not saying this and pin pointing on anyone, its just that, is it not possible that we live in a more harmony and peaceful life, even in the cyber world???? why is there a need to tell the whole world that this fella here and here is doing this and this at my this and this place. NOT CORRECT!
there're much more freedom than you can imagine that can happen in the cyberworld.

TRUST ME, if you who knows who you are, are doing this kind of stuff in this particular place known as the cyberworld., you will only create more chaos and confusion and, no things will work out.. (NOTHING) trust me.. it will break apart no matter that the matter is. even if its small. it will still break apart. and thus, nothing would be achieve. NOTHING. i repeat. NOTHING.

Plus, what is there to compete about?? the number of people in your this and that? or the contribution you gave to this or that, or, the relationship you have between this and that in the NON-Cyberworld??.

to me, everyone is on par. ad trust me, you will need to really achieve something to get attention from them.
other than that, you are just the same like everyone else. to them, you are ON THE SAME LINE. no matter what you did.
(think again people)

okay, i'm done with ranting about stuff that doesnt really matter to me, but i'm that kinda of person who cant stand looking at something that started with good deed end with a bad impression.


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