cupcakes made my day ,marshmallow!

well, hahaha, my friends said

andrea: Everytime jooying updates her blog it creates a spam.
michl: She updates her blog so often that my page lag. HAHAHAHA

LOL!~ hahaha, well. i admit, i update about 20 to 30 times a day. about the lagging part. i didnt know blogger could be this cacat la! HAHAHA

today, basically i had noodles.. then skipped lunch and had bah kut teh for dinner *not nice*
honestly! PEOPLE! i want to watch movie. and i still am 2 episode BACK form Gong Sam Kai ( Beyond the Realm of Conscience). and my animes are left out 1 episode. (Shugo Chara!.. i'm coming!)

I've been sleeping at 4 am for 2 days and woke up at 9.30a.m (thankyoudad). i'm getting blind already. i face the computer from around 11a.m. till 4.a.m. and about 4 hours break  for lunch and dinner and some TV. (see la, result from having holidays for a month) hahahaa.

well, nothing last long. gonna start working next month already, will not be updating so often. HOPE my readers dun run away! HAHAHAHA (well, its okay, i dun mind)

MY CAMERA IS STILL NOT FIXed. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! i totally hate OLYMPUS now. whats with them!!!!!!!!!!! aizh.. i hope its going to be fix soon. i need my camera la!  i want to take pictures la!!! bangang betul.

some old pictures, when we had our gathering =)
i had fun..meeting new friends and my photobook HAHAHAHA!~


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