crazy morning its 4.02a.m. now

well, i was getting ready to sleep about 3a.m, when i suddenly found out there's latest updated news (SHIT! i was too into manga already)

found latest news about.. KYU!! who i've been most worried about.

kyu left a message in DSP website regarding their WINNING in MUSIC BANK. =) and their being in China. *glad he's alright* =D

i did another translation, that took me 1 hour.. and resulting in a late of posting ...oh well, who cares! i had fun translating it! =D *mainly cause its KYU* hahahahahah
btw, my aunty came from hometown.. her wallet got snatched by some FRIGGIN SNATCH THEIF (curse him), whats wrong with people nowadays. so dangerous. to even want to steal wallet from a 60+ years old aunty! (MORAL LA SIKIT MAN!)

my aunt was at puduraya, she wanted to take the bus to our house, but she didnt know which bus to take... so she called us (btw, she doesnt have handphone) using the public phone,.. we told her to take the cab..(refused cause its jam hour and its gonna be exp).
Because we cant call  her, she putted down the phone then.. after about 2 hours.. she called again, saying that her wallet got stolen by some fella. (btw, she didnt take any bus. she stood there and waited for a bus to come)..the money to call us, (i dunno where she got the money from)..

initially i told my mum to tell her to take the train to cempaka station. from masjid jamek, cause she's at MAYBANK! (near masjid jamek!) then she refused cause she say she dunno how to take train... oh well, its hard to tell also cause she's old.. and she cant hear and she got NO PHONE! (seriously, what is wrong! she should bring her phone even if she dunno how to function it) we can at least call her!. aiz.

in the end, she stood at maybank about 2 hours. cause we went to fetch her from puduraya. and its friday and jammmm.....T.T oh well, as long as she's safe.


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