SS501 06.11.2009 updates + other Korean groups as well.

Latest updates located in jooyingobsessions. 06.11.2009 [to be updated daily/hourly]

Brown Eye Girls
latest updates about brown eye girls in M! Countdown

[photos] SS501 featured in ASTA
[photos] SS501 in Chocolate(kimhyungjun)
[video][engsubbed] SS501 Persona in HK Promotional Video
[info] SS501 topped YesAsia Korean Album Sales Chart
[event] SS501 in GS25 Pepero Promotion
[photos] SS501 recording 'Quiz! 6 Sense'
[news] HyunJoong is a Kim Yuna fan
[news] SS501 Magnae Kim HyungJoon's chose as the ugliest behaviour
[news] kim HyunJoong feels"i'm the only person" during influenza
[news] Heo Young Saeng, SNS Jesicca's dance Gee
[photos] SS501 new photos in KBS 2 @ "Champagne" Recording
[news] Kim Kyu Jong parents against, absolutely not getting married
[news] Kim HyunJoong f(x)'s Crystal is Prettier than Jesicca
[info] SS501 Hexagon [Quiz Sixth! Sense] Program Guide
[info]Shin Dong Yap and Shin Dong Sum Program Guide
[news] Kim Kyu Jong exchange message with Oh Sae Jung
[news] Lee Sora, 'Project Runway 2' If Rain and Kim HyunJoong  is guess..'
[photos] Kim Kyu Jong Drama Set I Episode 10 snapshot
[news+photos] Kim HyunJong in Dream 2 Team SaeManGuem
[news] Kim HyunJoong reason to sleep naked
[news] SS501 appearing in Shanghai Next Week!!

[video+album cover] U-Kiss Album Release 
[video] U-Kiss to perform in Music Bank

[song+album cover] 2PM release 'I was Crazy about you' and cover WITH jaebeom
[news] Jaebeom first Interview?
[news+video] Hanami releases Part 2 of 2PM CF with Jaebeom
[news]@2PMKhun is not 2PM Khun?

Brown Eye Girls
[video] Brown Eye Girls to perform in Music Bank with 'Sign'

[news] 2AM JinWoon is down with Swine Flu!

[news+video] KARA Nicole is a Genius~

[news+video+names] Rainbow's Gossip Girl's MV Teaser+names

more latest news to be updated.


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