after all the fuss about stupid connection

can u believe it? my living room's temperature is lower than the temperature in my room with AIR COND!!
the floor is freezing cold. and i am feeling like i'm in some freezer like that.

today there's some friggin human come trespass on my chatbox and wrote something very childish.
AIHZ, people nowadays. thats why i deleted the chatbox in obsessions blog already, dun want to scare my readers (they are young and innocent people)

well. had rojak, laksa and kuih today, dad went to pasar malam after dinner and bought those (fah lah fat lah)

i still have 10 days left before i start working and no more posting 24/7 already. i can only post when i'm not working which is after 8p.m and during lunch hours 1 something till 2 something.

but! dun worry, i will try my best to not be late for music bank and inkigayo and music core.
MUSIC bank, i might be an hour late. aihz(sorry ya!!!)

anyway, today was nice. no doubt. other than a nagging mother and a preeching father. hahahahhahaha

i've watch almost all the anime's that i missed out last week (thank god) cause today's connection wasnt bad. (at last)

but!! NO MORE DRAMA!!! megavideo deleted already.T.T aihz.

no bleach this week!!!!! MANGA TAKDE!!! aku dah miss you la cepat come next week!~ hehehehe.

ps: mummy is leaving for AUSSIE SOON. i wanna giv mummy a call b4 he fly. so i'll get prepare my phone. HEHEHEHE! mummy PICK UP MY PHONE AR!
and what time u flying??????


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