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working with wonderfuljoo???


hey, i'm getting A "OMG hot" and "why so gay" feeling together. doesnt sync

updates on Music Core 28.11.09

updates on 27.11.09 (Music Bank)

less than 24 hours, and mummy is leaving to Aussie Gold Coast.

Ouran High School Host Club chapter 76

cyber maniac with possessive thoughts.

todays updates on SS501 news + other korean artist

jooying wants to go movie marathon!

UPDATES on SS501 + other artist

UPDATES on SS501 + Other artist (Love Sharing-Inkigayo)

talks about yesterday and jooying's day

UPDATES AGAIN on SS501 and many more!

after all the fuss about stupid connection

Music Bank updates on (SS501,2Pm,BEG,u-Kiss, IU, Taeyang)

UPDATES ON SS501 + other korean artist


UPDATES on SS501 and Other Artist

SS501 updates + other artist

rollercoaster day.

Updates on SS501 + other artist

cupcakes made my day ,marshmallow!

SS501 PHOTO + VIDEO in Shanghai Concert + other korean artist


UPDATES on SS501 in SHANGHAI + other korean artist

crazy morning its 4.02a.m. now

UPDATES on SS501 in Shanghai + 2PM comeback + other artist

SS501 in Visiting Korea + 2PM Jaebeom attending to MAMA??

updates on SS501 + other korean artists [11.11.09]

hectic day on tuesday

09.11.09 Updates on SS501 + other artist

well.. after being holiday for approximately 3 weeks??? or 2 weeks?

updates on SS501 + other korean artists

Updates for 08.11.2009 for SS501 + various Korean singers

normal day with worst stomachache

Updates for 07.11.2009 SS501 + other artist [to be updated daily/hourly]