Piano sheet- Love Like This, anime is making jooying happy

okay, mayb most of you would have realised.

JOOYING IS NOT GOING TO MAFIA anymore. i'm officially abandoning mafia.
bored of it already. LOL.

and, anime is making me all hyped up!~ =) hehehe..

and i found the piano sheet for LOVE LIKE THIS. can pm me if u want/ leave in tagboard. please leave your email to me =)


Won said…
hi i would like to have love like this piano sheet can send me?? my email is kazuko_ayumi@hotmail.com
Jia Yen said…
Hey. I would like to have "Love like this" piano sheet too. My email's jiayen94@gmail.com It be really great if you could email it to me. Thank you! :)

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