Outing to Times Square

today went out with wailing and munyee.
laughed till my brain hurts. and my jaw sore already.
can u believe, all we talked about was anime only from different animes and OST of anime to opening and ending songs till we go in the details of the anime, LOL. it was fun =)

the 1 hour of stucking in jam from times square to taman teratai, i think we were the noisiest in the bus. kept talking and laughing non-stop.

oh, going to national library tomorrow  and then proceed to times square for micheal jackson*couldnt miss it*

and i need to ikat perut starting next week already, november, holiday month, no income/expenses from dad. unless there' any freelance work that u guys can offer for exhibition. i want to work la.tak tahan staying home everyday. hope there's at least 2 weeks of job for me, i want to earn money lo. RM200 better than nothing, then i can buy SS501 albums. *okay, i seriously need to work already* i wnt to buy their latest album. its RM40 if i'm not mistaken. but i want TAIWAN version also(although their chinese words are exceptionally huge that covers the beauty of the original cover and picture.but, oh well. at least they do ship it to malaysia.


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