My Olympus failed me.

i tell you, my camera... aihz.

i bought that camera 2 months and 1 day. and it failed me.

trust me i have no luck with cameras.

bought it for repair yesterday on its 2 month anniversary. and the sales girls said this. which kinda trigger my sis and i *putting a question mark on us*

salesgirl: *checks the camera**took out the batteries and stuffs* and then she asked us some random question like where we bought it and stuff...

then, after all that!

salesgirl: did you happen to drop your camera?
jooying: no,i just bought it less than 2 months, i barely used it more than 10 times.

then later,

my sis a little bit boh song...

jooee: why she ask such question?
jooying: har?? why??
jooee: that camera can drop 1 what! its a U tough.
jooying: hahahaha, i think they ask this for info only la.
mum: yala, all camera also they will ask like that 1.

BUT STILL! why they ask such question.

in utter conclusion, i have lost 60% of faith in OLYMPUS. reputation tidak sampai QUALITY!


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