jooying was offended

to be honest,this will be a quite offensive post. oh well. i just felt like writing today.

I was browsing over blogs and videos about SS501 arriving at Taiwan airport.
i wouldnt mention whose video/post is that. but i felt a little bit*mayb alot* angered by their/her words.

This fan (dunno from where) was a fan of HJL/JiHoo, that fan was at the airport chasing for the awesome SS501?/HJL/Jihoo.

i was fairly glad that i finally saw a somehow decent fancam of Kyu, cause its so hard to find him in videos as he was right INFRONT and the rest is at the back. fans mostly gotten the middle part where Jungmin, HJL n Youngsaeng.

I was so excited, finally Kyu's focus came out. although it was not mentioned in her video/picture title.

to my surprise, after a few seconds of viewing, i heard that fan (okay, its a video) mentioning this... where is HJL? owh! the 1 with the skull cap(Kyu's) okok..

that fan fancam-ed kyu thinking it was HJL and after that his/her friend mentioned.. i dun think that is him. i think its the 1 with the shades. (which is HJL, at the back of Kyu), that fan, was like. owh. that is him...(and start fan-caming HJL)

i'm sorry if i offended anyone. cause i felt utterly sad because these fans who are going to the airport couldnt care less about knowing the rest of the members and only focusing on HJL. as a SS501 fan. i would not say, NO! you cannot onli like 1 member, u have to like all. or, NO! JiHoo is not HJL( afterall its the same fella) and i wont doubt hyunnies for liking HJL only. cause they are fans of him.

But, i think its respectable for a fan to actually learn to know the rest of the members before they do this (not to say, u must like them, just at least know them)

i'll be honest. i was offended because i'm a kyu fan and it hurts for a fan to do this to him, (i felt the pain)

so, next time, before you chase you favourite artist/idol in the airport which so happen u onli like 1 of them/know 1 of them. take the initiative to know the rest of the members. =)


ps: this is my 800th post. LOL!~ i hope it truly delivers. =)


Larazel said…
i totally agree with you..

its a lil bit sad if they'll only like or love one member,coz its the mere fact that ss501 wont be ss501,with out the rest..huhuh...

they should try to love jung min,kyu jong,young saeng,and hyung joon..


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