jooying all hyped out~

I cant deny that i'm all very hyped out about so many stuff nowadays..

1st HYPE was obviously SS501's concert in Taiwan which i WISH i was older and can afford my own plane ticket + etc, OKAY! motto for the year(already doing my next year resolution)LOL- earn LOTS OF MONEY next time and MAKE SURE SS501 are always active*not neglecting their health that is*

2nd HYPE was about MBLAQ! totally! =) dun come and tell me, i think BEAST is better and this and that. I LIKE BEAST too, but i prefer MBLAQ cause... OMG did u see their debut stage in Rain's Concert? TELL ME!! *its totally hot aint it!*

3rd HYPE, hmm.. well... BLEACH IS GETTING VERY INTERESTING. =) i cant stop watching and reading their anime and manga, TOTALLY ADDICTIVE.

4th HYPE.|SHINEE| totally, anyeong, SHINEE MIDA! LOL! ringdingdong is a nice song. u tell me! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA


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