Genting 10th and 11th October 2009

was in genting on the 10th and 11th October.
here's the pictures!
owh, andrea: i deleted already. T.T it was blur all the way.
see la, my sis, so crazy

i wonder where we got our funny genes from

this is the amazing wonderful powderful queen of camwhoreland jooyingsama!

picture with mum and dad

i think she's more crazy than me

dad's picture with us.
mum took like 6 shots cause she dunno how to function the camera.

it was DAMN MISTY that day. VERY VERY MISTY!

get what i meant by i'm the queen of camwhore?

i like this poster best~

the mist.. it didnt really captured properly. the mist near me was eliminated. LOL

look! u cant see my eyes!

please ignore my socks. its i dunno why like that.

i had fun. in genting. it was SO COLD THAT i practically NEARLY FREEZED TO DEATH

thisisgagitellu.mum's gag




i was crazy enough to wear shorts. LOL

i like this picture!~

kenny rogers with potatoes.. all the way.


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