current situation

i was really bz with my pc these days.

assignment due dates are here. although i have 2 assignment left only.

i need to upload news on forums. check out latest news and post it.

and *trying* not the neglect my blog. as I am such a diva myself. i cant resist my blog ratings go down the drain. *okay, not funny* my sense of pride just kicked in at the very wrong moment.

for now, i have a forum and 2 blogs to manage. and 2 assignment to finish and WAITING for another 3 more weeks for HOLIDAY *2 months* WOOTS. i wanna work. anyone willing to hire me??
*working is.. HMMMMM.. not very nice, as i will b a little bit late with my latest news. well. i need money. so money is more important. *freelance is FINE by ME*

and to those, WHO KNOW HOW TO DESIGN A SIGNATURE, please teach me. is the brushes rite/??? i need the program ARGH! does laptop have it?


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