Where Got Ghost reviews

Where got Ghost. a singapore Homedy.horror + comedy

in my opinion it was normal and utterly not that amazing.

i would honestly say,Jack Neo can definitely do better than that.

ps: Neo, i'm waiting for more exiciting movie from you!

this movie have 3 parts.

1st part is about the society.*mainly on those people who do bad deeds. and receives karma.*
2nd part is about not simply talking in the forest. *to be frank, this 2nd part is quite funny*
3rd part is about family believes.* nice but not very*

in my opinion, this movie rate 6.5/10

went to watch with parents and sister.

oh, the suspense for me of getting the ticket is amazing. we didnt manage to book the ticket earlier, so we went there to purchase the ticket early. in our despair, it was fully booked.and we had to wait for the reservation to be release which is. 30 minutes before airing time.

me and sis went there slightly earlier to check. and had to wait about 8 minutes for it to be release. during that time, there were other people waiting for the exact same show and wanted the exact same number of seats.

oh well, luckily we got our seats =)


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