Take Care of the Young Lady- my review and streaming

*Yeo Eui Joo's dress is really nice*

I tell you! My Fair Lady / Take Care of the Young Lady episodes are making me cry!

although there were some scenes that are too expected from an idol drama, but its undeniable that Yoon Eun Hye is a real good actress, oh she's acting as Kang Hye Na , a real rich girl with attitude.
well, Yoon Sang Hyun wasnt all bad either. *although he look really old*, he's the butler. and also the male lead character.

but i really liked Jung Il Woo as Lee Tae Yoon and Moon Chae Won as Yeo Eui Joo. =) i wish the two can get together, but most probably wont. considering this drama only have 16 episode and now its already at episode 10.

i would totally recommend those who like Kdrama to watch this drama. =)

and Yoon Eun Hye! dun worry, you have my thumbs up for your acting.

ps: their OST are really nice, especially when they have those heartbreaking scenes. T.T

to those who want to watch it, can direct yourself to mysoju and search for Take Care of the Young Lady.

i'm not sure whether this link will work or not. but just try. HERE


Areli said…
Thanks for the advice... i'll watch it. I love this kind of dramas, like BOF with Jun Pyo. This spoiled brat thingy is funny.. i'll tell if i like it.

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