SS501 in Wonder+Full Concert 2009, Family Outing episode 65

well, to contain my HAPPINESS ABOUT ALL THE FANCAM i've gotten..

here. is the direct link.=)
wont be posting the youtube link here, cause its too many.
but i will specify which link is to which SS501 member.
i hope those who take the video. will give a FULL CREDIT.

This is during Wonder+Full Concert

KyuJong Fancam

Young Saeng Fancam

Jung Min Fancam

HyungJoon Fancam

Hyun Joong in Family Outing Episode 65

note: HyungJoon only have 1 fancam currently. so we will have to wait a little longer for the complete 1. during the meantime, check out his GO Green 2nd Episode. =D

note2: there are special surprise in JungMin fancam. =) watch it.


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