new friends new experience.

as usual i was checking on my Fb account.
i realised i havent posted any pictures that i took that day. so here goes.

by the way, i was too indulging myself into the activities. i forgotten to mention HOW I manage to end up in One Utama rite?

here goes.

I got up early in the morning. unable to sleep very well last night due to excitement.

Left the house to cempaka Lrt station around 12.15p.m.

Sat the train all the way to Kelana Jaya, while listening to Ss501 songs on my Mp3 * all ALONE* OMG. *thinking back, i was utterly very brave. so darn proud*

Reached Kelana Jaya, and contact Pei Ei *a friend i got to know for 2 days and we chatted less than 20 sentences* *met her in triplesMalaysia (see what i mean by being so brave)

She picked me up around 1.30p.m. and off we travel to One Utama. (and guess what, we were lucky enough to find carpark straight away)

Then, we walked all the way to One World from Jaya Jusco. and then asked the counter. and locate where is Orchid and Whatever Room.

went down, and line-d up there starting 1.45p.m. (till 6p.m. and i'm still outside the place) *imagine, we are at the carpark area, where air is pretty humid and carbon dioxide is plainly more than oxygen.*

Stood there awhile and got to know with a 2 adorable and funny girl. *both studying Event Management in Sunways or Taylors* forgotten* (see what i mean by being utterly brave going there alone and stuffs??) did i mention that these 2 person, knows a friend that her bf was the translator of SS501. *we were hoping we could get special passes *but no avail. T.T* (i just found out 2 days ago, that my cousins friend got special passes. they went up to their suites and took picture with them and got Ss501 to sign for her 1st!!! OMG)

after 1 hour, muncul another friend's friend named Agnes, who just got back from the Airport. *knowing Ss501 lands in malaysia KLIA made us all excited and all.* she's a Law Student in Taylors. who spent 1.2K for air flights fare. *crazy fella* *AGNES LOOK, i said u crazy here! *

then, after about 2 hours of waiting.. Michelle's Sis, Danielle came. and ask for short route (masuk in my line). LOL. if not she wont get signature man. *such young girl whose age only 14 came alone to the fansigning. *must treat her well la* sampai, she went into the AIR CONDITIONED room 1st than me! LOL *oh ,i owe her Rm10 by the way.

Then, when its about 5 something, 2 friends I got to know less than 48 hours arrived. *the both asked for a deal. *i buy them the Cd's first, they send me to KLIA and back home * good deal aint it.?? HAHAHAHAHA (well, thanks to them, i got to send SS501 back to seoul. and got to touch Kyu's shoulder and shout Center to him. hoping he would remember me when he come for concert next time. =) oh, their name was Farah. and her friends name i didnt get. *sorry *(bows in apology)

Oh, during purchasing the CD time, i got to know Amy Cho whose a Korean. and studies in Alice Smiths School. and 14 years old also. *she's tall* (i guess koreans are tall people). =) we got to know some korean because of her. and her mum! (khamsamida ajumma)

It was a long day for me, but knowing some of them was enjoyable. did i mention i met with Mel also, she was so utterly bz.. (ps, next time mel, when u have anything to do, please count me in. i would most likely to join with you. =).

DID i mention about the time i reached KLIA, i know another bunch of SS501 fans. also?? yup. didnt manage to get their contact, but i know they are the triplesmalaysia and triplesmy team people. =)

so my day was tiring and a BLAST at the same time.
after long post. did i mention my mum didnt know about this??

i didnt tell her that i going for fan signing for SS501. i told her, i going out to One Utama with "friends". although she didnt ask who is that. LOL> well tripleS are friends right?>? LOL

my sis told her(mum), when she came home from school. when my sis found out i went out and my mum told her i went to One Utama.

luckily my mum didnt blast me that day, she was like. how was it? nice ar?? tell me how!!
*thank god*

then, after all that. she told me.

mum: i didnt know u going for fan signing, if i know, i wouldnt let you go yourself. mayb i would fetch you there and back or you should just stay at yen yee *cousin* house.

mum continues: i didnt know you so brave until dare to sit some random fella's car that you barely knew. next time dun do that. just tell me. (well mum, if i told you, i mayb wont get a chance to meet them)

joo: mum, cause its so far away, and i wanted to go KLIA so badly. i know you wouldnt fetch me there.

mum: next time, just dont do that! tell me, i'll think about it. and dont go all fangirling and forgets studies.

joo: OKAY!!! (hehehe, my dad thinks i'm crazy after that)


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