KyuJong in Teen Drama, HyungJoon picture spam

there's new news about SS501.
mainly about HyungJoon and Kyujong.
i dun want to disclose it here. but TAKE A LOOK. =)
its a happy story *joo jumps up and down after reading it*

OMG! today was totally annoying.
i have this Business Statistics lecturer who is the upmost annoying 1 on earth
FOR GOD SICK! we are humbly here asking you questions. and please DUN BOMB us okay?
we are not discriminating you. we are ASKING you. cause we are NOT SURE and please la. dun be such a childish fella. WHY CANT U TAKE A TINY LITTLE JOKE.???

so annoying. 1st u bombared me and my friend for asking you questions we DUNNO HOW TO DO. and the next thing u do, u bombared the TUTORIAL CLASS with annoying statement.


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