Kim Hyun Joong reach Korea at Gimpo Airport-16/9/09

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OH! today, Business Law class was fine and normal as usual. *i'm addicted to Super Junior M- Super Girl* *dun worry not gonna do review here*

I think I really need to study hard for Business Law. It doesnt look as easy as Business Statistics and Business Communication. *everything i took this sem is Business whatever. *totally a business fella already* *hahaha*

btw, met Di Sheng in uni today. totally surprised!

I'm such a bad friend. i know my friends but i dunno their name.*hahahaha*
well, i know 3 now. Wai Ling *my senior in SBU*, Joselyn, business communication friend =) *she look like Stephanie Poon, and Kalaivani * Business Law friend who is a friend of Wai Ling*.

Did i mention that i got about 13 group members. and i dun remember 10 of them. =P hahaha,i think i should really ask for their info soon. hahahaha!~ i only gave my email to my group leader. and he dun even have my hp number. and.... i put my name under wonderfuljoo. I guess that gave him a HUGE question mark there. LOL

oh! i told u guys before that i'm gonna take pictures rite. I'm so sorry. i always forgets to bring my camera to school. *bi-a-ne*

1 more thing. my Business Law class got GOOD LOOKING GUY!, well i dunno where he come from. probably MALAYSIA! hahahhaha. but i think he might also come from Korea. *and i thought UCSI have very LITTLE korea student. *thinks* cause i thought i heard him spreaking in korean.. LOL *mayb its just FAST MANDARIN or some DIALECT* *prays hard he comes from MALAYSIA!* did i mention Arabian students are not bad looking. =)

comparison. TARC and UCSI.

well, i think UCSI is not any better than TarC. honestly. at least in the form of facilities la.

i visited their library today. TRUST ME, if you have been to TarC library. UCSI library is NOTHING. its NOTHING! trust me its NOTHING! we have a whole building for Library in TarC but in UCSI, their library is only a portion of the building. hmm....small!

and their Computer Lab, which was known as CITC in TarC. not very nice. UCSI computer lab is situated above the library. and not all the computers are functioning, in comparison, TarC CITC have all their computers working. BUT!, UCSI have very good internet connection, fast and efficient.

i have yet seen the cafeteria in UCSI cause they have a few. i think its 1 in each Block. about 3 cafeteria i think. food there, according to my senior, its okay! i want to visit it 1 day. =)

UCSI have large classrooms and large lecture halls. but their lecture hall is not like TarC where its seating is going upward. UCSI is just the normal, same height type. but. they do have an AUDITORIUM, mayb i will be able to enter it during LONG SEM. *prays* but according to my senior. auditorium class is HUGE. about 300 students. *O.O*

CLASSROOM in UCSI is cleaner. definitely. and toilets too. =) and we can print our notes from the library free. but you have to provide your own paper la. *still, its free*well. not exactly we paid for library fee what! * LOL.

okay, thats all for my review upon UCSI. overall is not bad. goodlooking guys are to be found in uni. *honestly, MALAYSIA good looking guy EXTINCT already! hahahahah. good looking guys out there, dun kill me. i love SS501. =D

btw, SS501 will be resting *good*, and i hope DSP will make a FULL LENGTH album instead of MINI ALBUM. *JOOYING-SAMA GOD BEYOND ALL GODS IS WARNING DSP!*

i know u guys misses me =)


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