FanCam, SS501 in KLIA airport to Seoul 3 September

SS501 in KLIA leaving to Seoul on 3rd September after FanSigning in Malaysia

credits to me!.

ignore my shaky hands. I was shivering due to excitement and pushing and my UTTERLY SHORT height. well. there mayb some other fancam that are clearer and stabler than mine. T.T sorry if you guys cant see them at all in the fancam.

gnore my running and shoutings. i'm sorry if you guys cannot see them clearly. i was shivering and i am UTTERLY SHORT!!and i was trying to search for KYUJONG who is behind Hyun Joong hiding. and i was pushed and nearly fell.. i couldnt stop recording cause i was too bz running and chasing them. sorry if its blur and bad quality. this is all i can get. but kyu smiled and look upwards to me when i was shouting like crazy cow for his name and magnae too!! and down the excalator i shouted "center" darn loud cause i was pissed that he ignored my shouting. LOL.

credit to me! and youtube


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