Family Outing episode 64 eng sub part 5/8, UNI is getting BuZY!

Family Outing episode 64 part 5/8 english sub is out!. Check out HERE!


went to school. and took Business Communication exam. friday. aka yesterday.
Wasnt that bad. except for 1 question. MESSED UP!
quite confident in the paper. well, its 30 objective. not very hard. but carries 30 percent= hard. LOL

assignment due dates are KILLING my ARSE! i've got 8 members. and now we only have 2 members functioning. the rest of us had to wait for them to finish it before we can start. *cause, its a chain work* BABI!

did i mention that 5 of my groupmates were indonesians?? chinese indonesians i mean.
another 1 is from china. which is practically hyper active, TOTALLY HYPER. even hyper-er than me. TRUST ME!
*thank god all of them have laptops and internet connections at home, we can chat our assignment online. =)

monday, is STATS exam. and my STATS assignment is due next week. and another of my STAT assignment need the BLOODY SSPS thingy which i dunno what is that. and my lecturer said to teach us after mid term. ERM!!!! after mid term= 2 weeks left= no time for me to venture around dunno this and that already! BANGANG. *i have 2 assignment for Stats.*

on the other hand, i still have Business Law to study. and the lecturer refuse to tell us which scope to study except telling us which TOPIC. HELLO!! 1 topic is like 300pages of case laws. BUDAK! *hahaha* i am exaggerating like crazy*


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