Family Outing episode 64 Eng Sub 4/8

a little bit of crossing over the border here......

F.O episode 64 Part 4/8 is OUT in Youtube!

can check out the link here!~

thank ibreathlifemusic again for such amazing subbing skills. *Hwaiting*

**spoiler** +own review.

seriously!, i would definitely go tell the people in family outing to STOP calling Hyun Joong leader, Ji Hoo sunbae. I mean, he already mentioned that he is having a hard time getting OUT of the character. and They kept and constantly calling him that. i was fairly pissed at them. I mean, PLEASE give him a BREAK. *i would not deny that BOF is such a hit* but, people!!!

WE LIKE HYUNJOONG for himself. and not JI HOO sunbae. i mean, do a reality check please people. honestly, including Hyunnies, YOU GUYS LIKE HIM FOR HIM rite, and not JI HOO rite. =)

*seriously, now i'm afraid of getting bash up by hyunnies already* * HIDES*


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