post dedication to michelle kinlim joanne n andrea

well. here is me! making a post dedication. cause i forgotten about it a few days ago.

WELL, TO ALL THAT SAW THIS POST DON'T BE SAD CAUSE I DIDNT MAKE A DEDICATION TO YOU. it suppose to be happy for those who didnt receive this. =)

4 of them, going / started uni already. and they will be shower with assignment and test and whatever they can call that. i'm here just to wish them a good and wonderful day at uni.

please spread the AJ9a spirit there 2.

don't worry i'll spread mine in no time! =)

although i'm not too worried about kinlim michelle and joanne at sunway, cause u guys have michelle there. *sure noisy 1*

ANDREA! make sure YOU ARE SPREADING THE HYPERNESS. remember the stuff i wrote in your book??? HAHAHAHA. i think about it also i wanna laugh. cuteness level 100000x.. and potong level: to be identified.

well! here's myblessing to all of you.

cheers! =)

*i just realised, that i didnt have the picture only have 4 of you,

oh well! this will do!


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