well. office today was normal as it can be.

but can't wait for next week to come though. at the same time i don't wish it would come.

10th August is drawing damn near. I'm so darn afraid right now. BABI SETAN from hell it goes!

i'm was on the verge of splurging all my moneh today. addicted to online shopping it seems. LOL

well, my determination life span is so darn short that i got influence by almost everyone in my life. DAMN! and

i'v been having sore throat and uneasiness on my stomach. damn afraid of AH1N1 and my colleague was blaming me today for spreading flu to her. LOL. athough she sneezed like twice the times i sneezed. LOL~

i miss my camera dearly. its not functioning well nowadays. bluek!

by the way, i got my stuff already from the online website i went. need to thank my dad for sending me to post office. cause my mum wasnt home to receive the package that was sent to me yesterday.

well, i'm not going to reveal what is that cause its suppose to be a surprise to someone. =)


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