just came home from dinner at KLCC. Chillis, *who my mummy aka CK thought its CHILI as in PEDAS PUNYA CHILI* *you're so cute la mummy*

dinner was nice. people was okay. environment was sucky.

the place was packed with human and those humans are SMOKING cause its a SMOKING area it seems. well. stink the hell outta me. and i totally hate smokers.

I didn't know why my bos punya daughter chose that place to sit. oh well! as least my food was nice.

and I think its worth it. cause portion was huge. drinks can be refillable. chips can refill as well. =)

Tomorrow, last day at work =D wohoo! i've yet gotten my pay. 2mrw mayb

till then.. for MM and CH and TK! we are going out on FRIDAY! * 28th AUGUST* to celebrate MM AND CH's birthday. meet up at PAV. we makan the sushi k?


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