stupid uni crisis

i'm so having a dilemma right now.

KDU offers damn good offers. I CAN MIX MASS COM AND BUSINESS how good is that?? OMG.

budden they want me to take IELTS cause my damn spm English got A2. WTF***. but that fella say he will so something about asking the UK fellas la. whatever la!

then, there's this problem.. the damn MURDOCH have to be damn smart to put the entry on 10th AUGUST! wtheck? u expect me to get the damn results and FLY to COLLEGE ar? i was expecting something like 13th AUGUST ker whatever, but i think i'll call that fella asking that fella if i enter 1 or 2 days later is it alright.

1st cause.. my AS results. OH GOWD! macam mane la!
2nd, eh, i can still take my forecast ar? LOL.
3rd. KDU is darn far away la. cause i still want to do something near my house.

damn la! why cant la they have uni next to my house.


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