ss501-craze week

i'm so sorry to my friends who are recently reading my blog and found out that i've been recently only posting about SS501. well, will consider seperating this 2 thing, mayb creating another link. but we already have malaysiass501 blogspot.. maika!


to all, ss501-er aka triple S

SS501 recently released their Solo Collection. and yes, its complete although it will come out 3 days later than schedule(blame DSP) but, its still interrogating! hehehe! 5 solo and 1 I'm not Coward which already been include inside UR Man album.

i seriously gonna get their posters/whatever they have in sale. hehe!

and their visit to Hong Kong which trigger the Hong Kong fans to actually camp outside the fanmeeting place. (so powderful)

picture credit goes to.. from the picture.

1 more thing, please support their album buy purchasing it instead of downloading it only.


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